Some backgrounds needed

I need an edited walk in closet, bathroom with the overlay so I can put the girl in the mirror and a few school classroom backgrounds.
For the walk in closet I just want an edited version of the one already on the portal same with the bathroom one and I’ll send pictures of the backgrounds I wanted edited. With regards to the walk in closet I just want a colour pallete of white and maybe blues with INK clothing on hangers in the background. With the bathroom I don’t mind so much about the colour pallete more so just adding some fairy lights and making it more bright. I’d also need the overlay to make my character appear in the mirror please and thank you :heart:
This is the walk in closet I want edited

And this is the bathroom I’d like edited

In regards to the classrooms just similar to those already on the episode portal
If you choose to do this for me tell me what to credit you as please (:

Chuck that over the normal background for fairy lights and a transparent mirror overlay in one.