Some error when I want to open my own story! Please help!

Okay so hi I just published my new story (Light Heart Dark Soul) and everything seemed fine I linked it to my Instagram but then when I tried to open the link it took me to episode but then this popped up!

So I have never reported my own story and one of my friends pointed out that “been” has been misspelled and I’m really confused!!

No I mean why is it there I don’t care about the spelling or anything I’m just really confused

Is your story still available to read?

Maybe try restarting your app?

It is well no one has said it isn’t and I’ve just deleted and re download the app but still same message

Hmm, weird, try turning your phone on and off maybe, that usually fixes all my errors.

Just tried that and didn’t work I’ll send episode a ticket to try and fix it Thankyou for you help :purple_heart: