Some feedbacks on my newly published story?



Hello ! I just published the first three episodes of my very first story : O Negative !
And I would really appreciate some feedbacks ! :blush:
Thank you a lot ! :purple_heart:
Also, here is the cover which is actually still pending review ( :cry: )


I can give you feedback :blush:

You don’t mind doing R4R?


You mean giving you a feedback in return ?
I would gladly do that :3



I’ll read it tomorrow though because it’s around midnight and I need to sleep :joy:


No prob ^^


But I saved it in my favorites so I can remember to read it


Hey! So I’ve finished up your story and I think the plot is very unique and different. Though you did say you’ll improve the directing, I think it needs to be worked on. Maybe try more spot directing, more people as a crowd.

I noticed how the person next to Rose didn’t have a piece of paper so maybe try to go back and fix that.

Maybe try less narration and more directing so we would see the real experience of the story! But excellent story so far, good job! :heart:️:heart:️


Thank you for your feedback :heart:
I’ll correct these mistakes as soon as possible and try improving my directing as well
I’m more used to narrating than directing and stuff