Some fun facts about yourself!

Thank you!!

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I love to read books and Episode! I love to write. I come up with about 3-5 story ideas per day, forget most of them, and then they come back to me a few weeks later. I like drawing but I suck at it. I have a dog. I like dogs more than humans. I don’t like when people say “the middle child is best” or “the oldest is the worst” unless they say they’re talking about their family specifically, because you don’t know if someone else has it different. Like, what if your parents are constantly casting your younger sister, the middle child, but another family casts aside the oldest to give more attention to the younger children. Also, can someone that’s a friend, and you only love them as a friend, break your heart? :kiss:


Yes, a friend can definitely break your heart.
Also, wow! It’s good that you got tons of inspiration/ideas.
And yeah, what you said about kids (being the middle, oldest, or youngest) is true.

If a friend an break your heart, then I’ve gotten my heart broken once (haha I sound so dramatic lol)

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That’s alright. It happened to me, too. But I guess it helps separate the fake friends from real friends.

Yes, very true. I’m sorry a friend broke your heart as well. In my experience, friend breakups have been worse then romantic breakups so if it hurt as bad for you as it did for me, I’m so so sorry. You can always talk to me even though we don’t know each other haha (sorry if that sounds creepy or anything but sometimes not knowing someone make it easier to talk, sorry if that made you uncomfortable or anything)

It happens unfortunately. Thank you.
It wasn’t a breakup for me. And thank you so much! You’re super kind. Thank you!

fun fact: i’m trying to make friends, so i can have ppl to talk to during quarantine :((

Aw, I’d love to talk if you’d like. We can PM each other or DM on Instagram (@amphia.episode)! :slight_smile:

sure! i’m @epi.scarlet


im adding you too

People think I’m dumb but I actually just don’t care enough.

Fun fact about myself:
I can identify any musical note by just listening to it.


They really don’t know anything then.

Oh, wow! So perfect pitch, right? I have relative pitch.

I would say so.


That’s very impressive. I believe that people are born with it.
It’s really cool and pretty useful! Are you a musician or into music?

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I am a musician.


Fun Fact: I don’t like math!

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  • I can speak 3 languages. I can speak Chinese, Malay, and English. (I’m trying to learn Japanese, Korean, and French.) :cowboy_hat_face:

  • I don’t like Durian. (even though I’m a Malaysian :joy: ) But I recently tried Musang King, I kind of like its taste. Maybe I only like Musang King tho. :woman_shrugging:

  • I prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate. :chocolate_bar: