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I have been reading Episode stories for a while now, but as of right now I am waiting for the stories I am currently reading to get updated with new episodes. So, while I am waiting I would love to get some recommendations! Or if you have written your own story that you would like to get some readers for, do not hesitate to promote yourself!

For example, I loved/am currently reading the following stories:

Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz
Attracting Problems by Anastasia S.
The Gamer Girl by Wincy W.
Falling For Rival by Anastasia S.
My Alien Lover by Anyanka
Someone Like You by episode.fwb
The Clumsy Super Girl by Marion
Counting Sheep by Piccalilly
Overnight Princess by Nicole Writes

Of course, I have read and loved many more stories. However, I stated these couple of stories for you to maybe get an idea as to what I like to read.

Thank you and I am looking forward to see some recommendations as well as your own stories. :sparkles:


My story is good! Forbidden Kiss

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i am not going to complete that story, and i am currently making a new one. If you are still interested, when it is published, i will for sure do a r4r with you!

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I don’t have a story of my own as of yet. I am very new to actually writing stuff on Episode itself. So, I need to get knowledge about how it works first before I will really do something hahah!

However, I would love to read your new story when it is published.

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oops, im sorry! I had no idea! The story will prolly be published in a day or 2. I will write ur forum user, and will pm you once I publish it!

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If you would like here’s mine:
Title: Still strong
Episodes: 12 out now (new episodes coming soon)
Ig: lyra.episode
Description: you’re a rich and famous athlete with a horrible past. He’s your new manager. What are you willing to do for each other? Will you let him in?


No worries! I am excited to see your new story.

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Hey! Thank you for this thread. I would like to recommend my stories. They are all completed, so you dont have to wait for updates, and most of my stories are short stories.
Hope my stories are considered as some good recommendations to you :sweat_smile:

Feel free to read any 1 or all 4 of my stories :blush:

Click on the story title above the story cards to read my story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Too Good To Be True

Love Me Again?

My Cutie Detective

One Final Chance

Story card and its details done by talented @/hollywood.episode :heart:

Happy reading! :two_hearts:


Thank you for this thread :raising_hand_woman:t2: I just published my first story, anyone who is interested, do give it a try, who knows you might like it :purple_heart:

Title : Bullet to the Heart
Author : Eeviee
Genre : Drama/Action
Episodes : 10 (updates weekly)
Description :
Two souls are broken by their hurtful past. They lost trust and beliefs in true love. What will happen if someone were to open up your heart once more, and that person happens to be your target? Will it be mission accomplished or an additional mission to be resolved? [LL, CC, Art Scenes]

Instagram : @eeviee.stories
Link :

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here’s my story! it would mean a lot to me if you decide to check it out :sparkling_heart:

Author name: Mistletoe
Instagram: @episode.mistletoe
Style: Limelight
Genre: Adventure (and some fantasy later on)
Description: You enroll in Aequor Academy, thinking it would be a normal, boring summer. But when you come across a secret room, you discover there’s so much more to the academy than it seems.

  • customization
  • choose LI gender
  • mini-games
  • advanced directing
  • point system
  • choose body type



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Thank you for doing this :innocent:
So, here is my story:
Story title: Master of Elements
Author: AnjitaD
Episodes: 4 is out (more coming soon)
Description: Will you and your friends able to save the world from darkness as you uncover secrets back 500 years ago ? (Timed choices point system, Thriller/ Fantasy/ Adventure/ Action)
Style: Limelight
Link :

Instagram I’d: @ad_stories.episode

My story has both male and female main character

You can play as female in 1st, 2nd, 3rd episodes and in 4th episode you can play as male.

Thank you all! I will definitely check all of your stories out.

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Here’s my story, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Title: Act of Vengeance
Author: Rosenspitze
Style: Limelight
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Description: 1926: A hazardous situation and the shadowing of a girl have one thing in common: the death of your friends. Your plan - finding the murderers & taking vengeance. The hunt begins!
Instagram: rosenspitze.episode

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I recommend reading story: Not a saint by JasmineLilac.episode on IG, Personally I loved this story so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:
And, there’s another one too called: The Doberman, by meesza.writes on IG this is about mafia if you don’t mind these types of stories :blob_hearts:

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Here’s mine!
Name: Arena Of Pride
Genre/s: Action filled with drama & romance
Author: Jelly
IG: @jelly.epi
Episodes: 9 (more coming soon)

The streets of Morocco are swimming in crime secrets. Accidentally - a twist of fate, drags Layla and her family deep down in the mafia world, where she meets Oscar Kebryak.

Thanks for the thread. Here are my stories.

(My new cover on the way.)

Story description:
He’s a hot, heartless, irresistible vampire. You’re a powerful vampire slayer! What happens when you end up struggling to resist him and his charms? Will he love you, or kill you?
Link for Eat Stake

Story description:
April’s a strong independent girl,trying to move on from her corrupt ex boyfriend.But how will she handle a gorgeous hot guy,who may have to live with her??(cc,choices)
Link for Dangerous DNA (ink)
Link for Dangerous DNA (LL)

What traumatic event occurred to force Lucy out of her own home? What happens when she meets a mysterious guy who has a shocking secret of his own? Will it bring them together, or makes things worse?
Link for Far Away

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If they interest you, I have 2.

Title: Josephine (LL)
Author: Matilda
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 18 (more coming)
Description: Josephine catches her fiance in an affair. Will she seek comfort in an unlikely lover or find happiness in the one right before her? Limited CC 2LI
Hidden Gems Shelf Jan. 2020


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Josephine (LL)

Title: Queer: Blended
Author: Matilda
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4 (more coming)
Description: Althea and Maximo have been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. But when one of them can no longer deny their sexuality, will the family fall apart? Choice of MC, CC, LGBTQ LI.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Queer: Blended

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You’ll love my friend’s story; A Different Rainbow. It’s about living with autism.

Title: A Different Rainbow
Author: Josie Jackson

All you want to do is fit into society but autism stands in the way. How does it affect your mental health and how do you cope? Written from personal experience.


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Thank you for this thread! I hope you will read and enjoy my story Chasing Stars! :orange_heart:
It would mean the world to me if you could give it a try!

Here is the link:

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