Some good user Romance Stories


I love Romance Stories & i’d love to know what people would suggest. I loved stories like Chain Reaction series or Forbidden Pleasures or Deep Attraction series or even series that aren’t neccastily romance but have romances as a focus like Dripping Mascara.

What would be some good ones you guys love? :purple_heart:

  1. Pregnant By My Student
  2. Babysitting The Bad Boy
  3. Crush On Mr. Bad Boy


Already got them all on my list!:slight_smile:


They’re just the first things that popped into my head! How about:

  1. Blake
  2. Selfish Attractions
  3. The Real Life


Check out @JasminDee’s stories. You won’t regret it :relaxed:


I’m reading a couple like “the tutor” and “the assistant” !!
They’re great! Thank u



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