Some ideas for mobile creation

When creating a story on the mobile app it would be great if we had a larger rage of clothing you can pair together like you do on the website. Clothing like what’s new in shops like fashionable, casual clothing for example high waisted jeans, joggers. Full hoddies. foot wear like trainers or heels.formal wear including night out-out outfits or prom/wedding dresses and suits. I also think it would be better if we could adjust the weight of the characters as I think it’s quite unfair. I like the new update but sometimes feel like it’s rushing us to read faster. With the scene of the story if we could room in and out by pinching the screen. I also would prefer it if we could choose what type of character at the start of creating the character for example being able to use limelight on the app. I’m sure you all have other ideas aswell and I think it would be great to share!!
I would really love to see these changes and I hope others would aswell.


Plus mobile creation lacks

  1. To write with a choice on Limelight / ink. ( Only ink is available).

  2. Limited choices on Indian outfits not as many as classic (it would be better if all outfits are re- created on Limelight and ink).

  3. Doesn’t not have weather effects but has filters.( They could be fitted in similar format)

  4. Doesn’t have full animations as on laptop.

  5. Can’t add custom overlays/ backgrounds.

  6. Can’t edit after accessed on laptop.

  7. Please keep a tutorial on mobile creations other than basic directing.

  8. Can’t customise my characters and outfits in Mobile creations as combinations of tops, bottoms and overlays.

( It can be adjusted if there is a sync between laptop and mobile creations if characters saved and customised on laptop can be used on mobile creation).

  1. Also, I can’t add sounds on mobile creations.

Ps- I think it would be more convenient if mobile creation has a separate app in play store exclusively for authors. It’s just easier to create.


Also being able to add your on backgrounds on mobile like you can on computers.


I love the app, I’ve been using it for years and I’ve seen how far it’s come. I really adore the Limelight style, but I think there should be mobile creation for Limelight stories, not just Ink. I also think the mobile creation needs the full range of clothing that is available online, as well as a wider range of actions and emotions.

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I wish that we could add sound , that would make the mood much better. I want to zoom in the character aswell. They should also add golden choices ( choices that are important and are highlighted). I want the purple text thing , you know how some stories have a purple text bar instead of blue and you can have the characters name on top so they can narrate the story.



I would LOVE more stuff like this! We NEED more animations, we need props, we need more backgrounds, more clothes! We also need overlays and stuff like weather and stuff. Like rain and confetti! I’d also love to be able to publish a mobile-created story!

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