Some issues with "unPERFECT CHEERLEADER" that should be fixed

Hello everyone!

I am doing a post that I wasn’t thinking of doing, but I feel like it is needed, so here I come with it…

Today I am going to talk about one of the newest Episode Featured stories - “unPERFECT CHEERLEADER”

The story revolves around the romance between a troubled cheerleader with her childhood bestfriend who left when they were young.

Her childhood best friend left because his parents got a divorce and his mom moved houses and took him with her. 2/3 years later he comes back because something had happened with his sister… - She began being bullied because of an accident that happened during cheerleading try-outs.

With the childhood best friend back in school, the love story between the MC and him starts being developed, but unfortunately, there’s so issues I see with it… And here’s the reasons why I have that opinion (as well as to why the story’s problematic at some points):

#1 - She pushes him off at every opportunity to talk about what happened

#2 - He calls her nicknames that make her feel uncomfortable

#3 - She’s a self centered person who thinks he only cares about her and came to make her life a living hell

#4 - He’s possessive of her

#5 - He invades her privacy and acts like it’s normal

#6 - He’s aggressive and demands answers like she has to obbey him

#7 - She was the one responsible for what happened to his sister and can’t even admit what she did and be honest while she literally accuses him of having left her whenever she can

#8 - She’s being manipulated by a guy at school who knows her secret and blackmails her by getting money from her. We discover he has a plan to push her away from the LI, yet she also wants to do things “her way”…

#9 - Sl*t-shaming

Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot of the moment, but I can tell you that the guy who blackmails her calls her a sl*t at some point…

#10 - We have to pay to tell the truth to Slade about what we did to his sister and also to apologize to her

#11 - Slade’s sister (Sophia) acts like the MC literally didn’t do anything to her and kind of forgives her without hearing a single apologize coming from the MC’s mouth

#12 - Sophia (Slade’s sister) managed to not get the MC kicked out of the cheerleading team even after what she did (let’s remember she got bullied because of that “incident”)

#13 - A mean girl for no reason… In early episodes this character had a little argument with the MC and after it she literally decided to try to make her life a living hell… That means sleeping with the guy who knows about the MC’s secret to get him to tell her what he knows… She could have been so much more well developed and actually have a good character development, but yeah.


#14 - We get a sexy time gem choice with the LI (Slade) after he invades the girls’ locker room demanding answers out of the MC…

And we have reached the end of my post on how “unPERFECT CHEERLEADER” has some issues about it that I think we should be aware of and notify Episode about certain behaviors…

Either way, I hope this post was somehow educational and helped you all understand we have to be aware of certain situations and behaviors and why we always have to have a critical sense when we read stories, them being community ones or Episode Featured/Original ones. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this post and see if you agree with me or not.

I think it’s everything for today…

Thank you for reading this (long) post and stay safe,


(Please make sure to be respectful in your comments. This post is not meant in any way to attack Episode. I simply want to discuss this topic and this story because I found certain issues with the stories and the character’s behavior that I think that should be changed. This post is meant to raise awareness and not hate❤)


nope I agree.


I also find it really weird that a lot of these things can’t be mention in community stories because they will be taken down, but episode can plaster it all over theirs. ://


Well episode are hypocritcital with their stories a lot. They break their own rules so often.

Example i Way to often see charakters with out the censor bar in featured stories. I know the stories are not prof read that much they are just push out to earn money but still.


Those screenshots are just overall uncomfortable to read. Idk what Episode &/or the author was thinking when they wrote that but if Slade is the LI, he’s a toxic one and Episode is obviously showing hypocrisy with the fact that the story clearly shows dr/g use with intent to harm another individual even if the harm is just making them tired. Slade can’t take NO for an answer and he can’t take hints that she isn’t really interested, the nicknames are pointless and irritating. You can tell the MC is self centred because she doesn’t even consider anyone else let alone think about the best option for them. Slade’s toxic due to his aggression and possessiveness. It’s nice to have a partner who’s a little like a guardian angel but Slade would made her life a living nightmare with no privacy whatsoever. The MC is a repetitive liar and the author has used sl/t shaming in the story. The author &/or Episode has made you pay 29 GEMS to break the cycle of being a repetitive liar and to own up to your actions as well as apologise to those your MC hurt (:


What’s even worst is that pay for gem choices or not paying doesn’t even affect the story. The MC still ends up with the toxic LI. Gem choices are just there so you don’t make the MC act like a d-bag. But even if you don’t pay for any gem choice the MC still ends up with the LI, still has friends that stick up for them and basically get everything they ever wanted handed to them


Yeah, I hope Episode can be more precise about the actions they take regarding guidelines, because they can’t be breaking their own guidelines while they look at the slightest infringement of them in Community stories…


I get what you mean… Again, they need to be more fair about it. Their stories should be as reviewed as the community ones. Of course I don’t know the proccess, but for this story, for example, I’m sure it wasn’t reviewed.


I couldn’t have said it better…:sweat_smile:

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Oh my god, yes! You read my mind! Not only you’re wasting gems for nothing but it gives you this wrong sense of justice, like the MC actually is trying to be a good person/apologize after everything she did (which was really bad, in my opinion…). Seriously, this is one of the most frustrating aspects about Episode’s Featured stories…:slightly_frowning_face:


literally it is so unfair. and even if community authors do include this stuff the way they execute it is way better than what episode does for the sake of “moving the story”.


MC is so annoying and disgusting. She’s the only reason why LI’s sister Sophia being bullied, yet Sophia and LI forgive her like it’s no big deal. After I found out what happened, Lucas and Victoria became my favorite characters. She’s an awful person and is getting what she deserves. I would make her life a living hell if I were Sophia.


I was so angry over that. As someone who was bullied, i cant forgive MC. She drughed her wtf. The story suck.




@SuperStar4 you should make more of these


And what kind of brother is LI? Forgiving the bitch that drugged her sister just because she’s jealous. I was bullied as well, so I understand you perfectly (Not because someone drugged me and I vomited in front of everyone, but because I was an introvert and I still am)


if people think these kinds of love interests are attractive i have to say you have problems :face_with_raised_eyebrow: some of you may like the protective type but they are just another type of stalker that gets a free pass in your dms cuz their face is apparently shaped like a greek god. plus the mc never owns up to her mistakes but it’s all fine because she’s the main character of her own story, obviously. this is lowkey manipulating readers cuz most of them aren’t even adults yet.


The story makes no sense if you choose the non-gen options. The MC gives Slade so many mixed signals and has a romantic moment with him and the two of them flirt, only for the story to force you to pick the choice to say she hates him like 2 seconds later and run away. And that happens like 10 times in the story. Not to say he’s perfect either, he keeps following her around and trying to get her to talk to him despite her constantly saying she doesn’t want to.

Not only that, there were so many inconsistencies with the plot and character motivations. Why did MC act like Slade was such a bad guy (I mean he is, but read on to see my point) when SHE was responsible for his sister being bullied and getting injured? And did NOTHING do stop it? She’s so hypocritical. Also, it’s never really explained why Slade never ended up calling her back after he left.

I hate the fact that we had to pay gems to tell him the truth that it was MC who sabotaged Sophia. So if you’re a broke b like me, you’re forced to be a POS and lie to the LI about what really happened. Also, if I were Sophia I wouldn’t have forgiven MC after finding out what she did. But since it’s the “BeLoVed MC” she can do no wrong apparently and has no consequences for her actions.


but dude… how did the heck did you get 40 gems :sob:


I totally agree with you. It’s kind of like Hardin from After, there are lots of people who praise him like WTF he is toxic and isn’t good for her.

Here the LI (in the screenshots) kind of acts like Hardin (not so aggressive tho), I hate how Episode normalizes manipulative and possessive boyfriends :skull: