Some LL outfits

Hello! I love making outfits so I decided to share them in case any of you like them :slight_smile:
Tell me which ones you like!

  1. First I’ll share outfits of my blond girls. The idea is that they are the typical popular girls from the movies where each one of them always wear the same color hahaha. These were funny to make since I always wanted my girls to kind of match. :laughing:
**See my girls here**

**See outfits here**
Default looks / Rainbow

White dress / Leather

Turtleneck / Black & White

Flannel / Black Skirt

Hoodie / Denim

Summer vibes / Swim

Varsity / Running

Sari / Top Sari

Pirate / Dress

Jewelry / Long Dress

Coat / Headwrap

Sun glasses / Sport

Suspenders / Casual

Elegant / Smart

Sexy / Custome

Studs / Dress Nylon

Silver Turtleneck / Rainbow Skirt

  1. Now I’ll share outfits with the same idea for my boys :stuck_out_tongue:
**See my boys here**

**See outfits here**
Default looks / Shirt

Varsity / Swim

Business / Shorts

Running / Flannel

Jacket / Denim

Leather / Bomber

  1. I also have some Disney inspired outfits that you can check below :wink:
Girl outfits

Who are they?
  1. Snow White

  2. Cinderella

  3. Alice

  4. Wendy

  5. Aurora - pink

  6. Aurora - blue

  7. Cruella de Vil

  8. Shanti

  9. Eilonwy


Who are they?
  1. Ariel

  2. Belle

  3. Jasmine

  4. Pocahontas

  5. Esmeralda

  6. Meg

  7. Mulan

  8. Jane

  9. Kida


Who are they?
  1. Lilo

  2. Amelia

  3. Tiana

  4. Rapunzel

  5. Elsa

  6. Anna

  7. Moana

  8. Merida

  9. Dori!

New outfits!

Mixed / Cheer

Stripes / Cold Shoulder

La petite robe noire / Cap

Black casual/ Black skirt

Underwear sleep / Cheerleader

Satin dress / Velvet dress

Off shoulder / Long Skirt

Extra outfits!

Sun glasses matching outfits


Wow! This is incredibly helpful! You are great at putting together looks!


Thank you very much! Hopefully I’ll be updating :grin:


Totally gonna use these! Thanks!

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Do you have any black outfits? For Katie I can use?

Wow this is so amazing :heart_eyes:

I’ll make them now :stuck_out_tongue:
This is so fun for me hahaah the thing is that I always want to add a hint of their colors, but sure.
Let’s see black outfits…

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You can add some color. Go ahead. She normally wear darker colors like red and black.