Some of these stories are being archived

If you go to account settings, you can do this to your stories!

"If you don’t want readers to be able to find your story, you can Archive it. That will prevent it from being discovered by new readers through the methods listed above, but won’t impact existing readers who’ve already added it to their “My Favorites” shelf.

Note that even if you’ve Archived a story, the share links will still work, and you’ll continue to receive Writer Payments for these stories if you’ve qualified."

Stories being archived due to bad opinions on it:
MC: A dead wish.
“BOTH!?” Is Just My Style… (Rated: E)

Stories being archived due to lack of important episodes:
~Fairies~ ALL STYLES (Rated: E)

Stories being archived due to bad spot placements:
The Twins of Hyperda.
How can I prove It?! (Rated: R)
Psychopath (Story will have to be improved, I think)

No links will be shared to read these stories, @Trying_To_Help was suspended.

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I don’t really get it but alright

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