Some of ya'll need to get stuff straight



I came onto episode forums to meet other artists and writers while doing my passion (writing stories). But a person came at me today accusing me of stealing edits?! Hunty calm yourself, I make my own edits. It was a request from someone to use a drawing another person made for her. I made her an edit with the drawing and it wasn’t my place to give credit because the drawing and the edit was not made for me. But I gave credit to the person that did it even though I did not have to, but hunty I make my own edits and own shit. If she came at me for that, that stuff does not add up. A drawing and edit are two different things get that through your head hunty! A DRAWING is an illustration of something that one did, an EDIT is condensing, or modifying something. And guys comment me an answer to this question “DOES GIVING CREDIT ON SOMETHING MEAN YOU STOLE IT???”

Have a great day and guys please don’t put up with this bs like I just did lol


the title is relatable tho. plus, it wasn’t really their business so…


ikr people accused me of stealing artwork i mean come on! it was just a simple mistake i asked my sister to handle something on my computer and she asked somebody else to do it and she didnt know how but i didnt know that so what? it was just a mistake! so thank for putting this out there!


yeah, that’s unfair.

as long as you gave credit to the artist, they shouldn’t come at you.


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A fun fact, adding effects to an edit, doesn’t make it yours. The cover you made has your name (I think) so you basically made it for yourself? Or the person that sent you the edit stole it from me, and you didn’t give any credit to that person in your examples post.


Here’s the proof that edit belongs to me. This is what kind of a person y’all agreeing with, hunty.


LOL, she didn’t give credit to the artist? (whom is me btw, not the person who sent the edit to her.)


i think it was their business since it was stolen?? lol logic please.


If you use someone else’s creation and make an edit directly from it. make sure you ask permission first or that there’s something that says you can. If someone else asked you to edit someone else’s work, again make sure you have their permission (at least ask for clarity from the person who asked you) and clear up what kind of crediting parties involved expect. I’m not really sure where the intellectual property lies and how that affects a derivative work’s license, but if you use Episode assets, Episode technically has complete legal ownership of your work so really if you use Episode assets, you don’t really own your work. The work you did is a derivative of someone else’s derivative work of Episode’s material (I’m assuming this involved Episode assets), so I’m pretty sure Episode still owns it regardless, but it seems reasonable to if not legally, at least morally from one artist to another, respect their work and their boundaries. :slight_smile:

I tried to read up the terms of service and understand this situation but I’m sleepy and it’s (metaphorically) going in one ear and out the other so maybe I mixed things up and I’m wrong. Do tell if that’s the case.


Editing other people’s artwork and then claiming it as your own is stealing? Honestly editing someone else’s artwork without their permission is stealinv whether you credit them or not. Someone has put their own time and effort into that artwork and it’s disrespectful to edit it at all without express permission.


well i didnt even do anything my sister made a simple mistake i apologize but they still come at me!


if you apologized, good for you. it’s their mistake if they are still trying to argue.


i know and a few mins ago i also got blamed for doing an order that they were already doing well first of all the told me to do it also
but if you have a problem with that then leave


that implied she gave credit but I guess she lied ?


Actually, it wasn’t your place to make an edit with the drawing because it wasn’t yours. (At least from what I can interpret of your post.)
IMO it’s stealing (even if credit is given) if you don’t have permission from the artist to reproduce or edit the artwork.


First off it wasn’t a drawing, it was characters that she’s crying about, like no one could make characters that look similar and third of all it’s none of anyone else business. If she had a problemand wanted to confront me about CHARACTERS she could’ve pmed me instead of starting drama here. It’s not here edit nor her work. The cover she’s talking about is 100% mine, she’s just mad because the characters look the same as her but my story is probably way different then hers so I did not steal anything. And this post that I made wasn’t for her , I thought that her friend was talking about something else which I already resolved.


Well you said drawing :woman_shrugging:
I have no idea what image you’re actually talking about.

And if anyone can make characters like that, then why didn’t you do it yourself? And if it’s none of our business, then why are you posting it publicly?


No I wasn’t starting problems publicly , I was just stating that it’s not okay to start drama here and I did not mention anyone. And second I already told you that I thought her friend was talking about something else and third of all I didn’t steal her characters. I made them myself. I had no idea she made her characters like that.


Then why did you give her credit if you didn’t use her characters? lol I’m confused.