Some Official Stories no longer available?

I had to make a new account, I forgot the password of my previous one.

So I decided to scroll and take a look at my past reads, and found that some of Original stories I read before are inaccessible. It can be opened, but it only gives you some gems and throws you back to the main menu. I kind of wonder what’s the backstory behind this, since I already forgot what’s the original title of these removed stories.

I was so sad when I saw it too.
I know that stories like Demi Lovato, Mean girls and a lot more are removed. :sob: :sob:
Episode has said they want to move on from INK stories as Limelight has taken everything.
But these were so good! :sob:


There is a possibility that the contract for rights or just the contract for some stories from other authors expired, which is why they had to be removed from the app. It’s a normal clause in contracts that states how much time you can use someone’s work. You can see it, for example, in how Netflix removes some TV series from their library: because the contract for use and rights expired and they’re not buying them again.


ughh i knowww, i miss those soooo much :smiling_face_with_tear: