Some one use my accourt she use same accourt need some help right now

she told where she writes her story in that account is not her at all she went link my i did give no password at all i did not give any email address the writer portal need so help I did change my password to. so can I do write the story? I am so scared she will steal my story.

Wait how did she got your email?

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I did not give her no email address at all this happen yeasday when I was talk her she did link to my story

Here is the link to the Halloween Party:
By the way, I haven’t done anything yet

So she just enter in your account from nowhere


last mouth try to log in some hack me to accourt can hit link show you my story

I did not give any thing she told me this writer her story at .how can get from there list of my email address I use one them how can she get in my .I dont know her at all

Need so help can do mean time i have story need paste it can change my email.address

I don’t how did she log in maybe she hacked you


i bent hack the last mouth how can do my story, what I am do now

can I change my email.address can find some one talk to

can you do me a favor can post discussion the writer portal episode fan community? need some post this for me can tell them what happen

Idk if you can😞

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I change my email address and I change my password i need you help


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You need help for what?

I am so upset just want to make want to cry

If you change your email and password she can’t log in anymore

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Don’t cry did she do anything to your account tho?

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she put halloween 2 add on there