Some overlays I made

So guys, I made some overlays for my story, so I thought I should post here if anyone needs it.




Don’t forget to credit me. @shweta_episode on IG.

If anyone wants any kind of overlay, I can help. Just comment down below what you want!


I waited about 5 minutes thinking the post were loading, I accidentally slided downwards and then realized the tear was there the whole time. Nice work :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Thanks… :sweat_smile:

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Hello! Would you mind crediting the original artist for these overlays please? or just clarify that they are not yours?

Thank you!! :grin:

I made them in PicsArt. I don’t like stealing anybody’s art. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep! But the tear and the mascara are owned by someone else :slightly_smiling_face:

Who? Can you tell me?

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I don’t believe that they tell their name, but I am sure as long as you say you didn’t draw it from scratch you just made it into overlay format it will be fine :grin:

It’s not my fault that I made the same looking overlay lol