Some people in the Episode community are toxic. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve noticed that some people in the Episode community are toxic and here’s why. Now, I won’t name anybody in particular, out of respect, but anyway on to my point. The reason why some Episodians are toxic is that they’ll say something negative about your stories or even worse something negative about you. Some will even be so egotistical and say “hey, I wrote a better story than you did”. I also noticed that a lot of authors ignore their readers even if they say something positive about their work or even if they have legitimate questions about their stories. Some authors also refuse to accept constructive criticism and they’ll just simply say something negative back. With all this said, a lot of authors are rather disloyal to their readers and they may say mean things back to them.

Now excuse me if I’m a little critical, but I feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed and I’m honestly not trying to offend anybody, but as you know some people in the Episode community are toxic and they’re very negative to top it off. As I said before, I haven’t named anybody in particular and I would simply like to know if you think there are some toxic people on the Episode community.


I agree with you. There’s also been some authors out there getting harrassed by readers; to the point they have to turn off their fan mail. It really sucks to see what this community has become. Episode has been a safe space for a lot of us, but those people are making this community harder to enjoy interacting with. : /


i have some experienced one on forum one on my book club haha


I got downvoted to hell on the Episode subreddit for making the controversial hot take (sarcasm) that slandering innocent authors’ stories just because you don’t like them is plain mean. This was on a thread asking for “stories you don’t recommend, that have cringey dialogue, awful plot” or something along those lines and it really rubbed me the wrong way. I even disclosed multiple times that calling out toxic stories is different from calling a harmless story you didn’t like “cringey” or “horrible” so nobody would think I was defending toxic stories and authors. Yet, I got downvoted as if I said something awful? I’m still confused, I don’t know if they misunderstood my comment but I’m not quite sure how they would have?

I’m willing to bet that most of the people who downvoted me are not authors, and that explains why they disagreed with me. After all, they aren’t the ones who poured their heart and soul into that story. I even replied later giving an author’s perspective saying it’s happened to me before and it gutted me. Pretty much all I said was that for the author who put hard work into their story, it’s awful to read your story’s name on a thread like that. Even got a good couple downvotes for that too, although I thought that would have been common sense. Lol

If that’s not toxic, I don’t know what is. Usually people are pretty empathetic on there, so I’m not really sure what happened? I’ve made a similar comment a few months ago defending a fellow author (whose story wasn’t toxic) and I got heaps of upvotes. If anything, I was kind of dumbfounded. I didn’t realise it was such a hot take to consider authors’ feelings. Either way, I’m not taking down the comments because I stand by my opinion on that lol.

Sorry for all the edits I’m apparently really bad at grammar


The fact that they actually made a thread just to make snarky comments about books that aren’t toxic is just so ridiculous, if they felt that way about the book they could’ve just clicked out of the book and found a different one! Jeez that’s horrible that they actually did that :unamused:


People always want to find something to complain about, even if it’s unwarranted and at the expense of others. X.x


Based on the short discussion I had with the original poster, I don’t think they meant for it to come across that way, even though it still did. They were polite, but for me personally, I would have either reworded the post or just removed it. As for everyone else who read it and decided my comment was offensive, I don’t know why they all collectively decided I was the bad guy lol


I hate the fact that it’s so common.
Some people who complain about silly things are also authors and I’m just like, why are you doing this? You should know how it feels :weary:


They should’ve definitely taken the thread down, I mean it’s one thing to try to give an author feedback on their story but to make a thread calling it cringey is just disrespectful, but if they didn’t mean it in a rude way then yeah they should’ve reworded it. I don’t get why you were downvoted for defending the authors and their books because you were actually doing the right thing


Thank you for saying this, for a bit I actually felt gaslighted like I was in the wrong because so many people disagreed with me😅 I was like “am I actually the a-hole here?”


You didn’t do anything wrong, they just wanted you to feel that way to maybe have you feel convinced/pressured to join in on the book hating but I’m glad you spoke up and did the right thing and I’m sure the majority of the community is too!


People are allowed to have an opinion, whether you like what they say is another matter. People are also allowed to not answer a question, you might think the question is a valid one, they might not.

Toxic people are most likely not having an opinion but just bad mouthing you for the sake of it, or flaging all your posts because you posted them and nothing to do with what you posted.

Most authors on here are quite young and not professionals, expecting them to act like professionals is unrealistic.


Well… anyone who makes their story public is going to receive opinions — negative, positive or both and tbh people are entitled to their opinions. It’s fine to not like a story, it’s fine to have an opinion on what you think is problematic. What I will say though is it’s never okay to blatantly hate or sh*t on a story just because you “don’t like it” or “hate the author.” Negativity (or more a differing opinion I should say) can still be expressed in a civil way.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing to ignore people, but receiving a lot of messages, especially repeating questions can become both overwhelming and tiring. It’s a bit like becoming desensitized to something after being exposed to it over and over and over or getting sick of the monotony. I think it’s also important to take into account that some people are just not people persons or don’t have the time to respond to everyone and sometimes they don’t see everything they’re sent or tagged in.

I don’t think reasons like this would categorize them as “toxic” unless they had a really high opinion of themselves and thought others were/are below them or something, but I doubt that’s the case for most of them.

I’m a bit of a people-pleaser and a push over, so I do try my best to reply to people, appreciate others’ efforts and support people but sometimes this becomes overwhelming, sometimes I forget and sometimes it all just drains me emotionally and I need a time-out. I can only imagine the myriad of messages, comments, fanmails and tags that popular authors get on a regular basis. I admire people that can shut off or don’t feel the need to please or respond to everyone, but at the same time I have an appreciation for those who try their best to make the time for many.

Haha…. Hi! That’s me! The first part anyways. I’m open to criticism if it’s light but I generally don’t want or like “constructive criticism” unless I actually ask for it and seek it out. To some people, the criticism can come off as really offensive, especially if it’s unsolicited and they’ll react in a way that shows that, but I do think they should take a breather and consider what they’ll say back before snapping without thinking. Easier said than done though!

Asking for constructive criticism and then clapping back when they get it — that’s different. That’s contradictory and defensive. It’s not a great trait to have, and sometimes it’s a way of seeking praise and positive attention that results in a backlash to the reader if what the author is seeking (positive attention) isn’t given or given in a way that they don’t perceive as positive and/or helpful.

I will agree, some authors have treated their readers terribly and sometimes haven’t shown an ounce of appreciation, but I can understand some authors becoming fed up with the same questions being asked multiple times and/or being too overwhelmed by their fanbase (or haters which could also count as readers technically if they’ve read their stories haha).

Yes, I would agree that there are some toxic members in the Episode community, but there are toxic members in pretty much every community.


Let me start with this: toxicity goes both ways. It takes a lot of effort to not shoot them back in their face after getting disrespected and offended, but it is our part to end it, not start it.

I’ve met my fair share of toxic people, or at least, people who wanted to pick a keyboard fight. In this platform, I’ve only got tangled up with two (which is lucky for me, because the vast majority is still friendly!). So here’s my experience. But of course, I’ll only disclose need-to-know’s.

  • The first one was back in 2020 or so. It was a discussion about k1ller portrayal in stories, and one disagreed with my opinion.
    The first few interchanges were pretty generic, but the further we discussed the topic, the more heated it got. Eventually, this person tried to attack me personally and I was defended by others saying I was just stating an opinion.
    Well… This person didn’t want to have a civil conversation apparently, because EVERYONE who replied got slapped (metaphorically). Eventually, I let whoever-this-is type a 4000 word essay about mental health portrayals and psycho k1llers are different than assassins bla bla bla :skull:
    Fortunately, everyone in that thread were smart to not reply anymore. The thread was left cold ever since.

  • The second encounter was a lady (I believe so, this user had a girl avatar and I’d be cancelled if I misgender whoever-this-is :skull:) putting up a discussion thread talking about her story being warned for publishing in the “wrong genre”. Turns out, the story has heavy implications of sci-fi material, but the author defended saying “it’s still comedy based”.
    I tried explaining that if Episode sent an email, it probably means it was a serious issue. I did see a lot of complaints and official statements that abusing the genres for views can result in that story being removed. But this author didn’t listen, and I got fed up (which is my fault, actually) and I told her that if Episode removes her story, it wouldn’t be my issue.
    Then the author got pissed that “I quote her in something she didn’t say”.
    For context, I was quoting the Episode team’s email that failure to comply or reply will result in actions being taken, which includes having her story removed. The author copied that in the OP, so I just quoted it to remind the consequences.
    Then it got ugly…
    Another user defended this author that she’s a grown up and should be able to make her own desicions, so I decided that I might as well cut my losses (of my brain cells :skull:) and retire for the thread. It was hard, and I really, really wanted to spew caustic gas 'cause I was mad for real :joy: But it just wasn’t worth it. And I’m glad I could think maturely.

  • The third encounter was after I’ve learnt my lesson to beware of “rabid dogs” that bite whoever they see (or react to). It was a total sh*tshow, I kid you not :rofl: This user started calling everyone “maggots”, the b word, “peasants”, no-life… All those petty insults you can hear 11 year-old’s trying to mimick to be “the cool kids”,.
    Even laughed at Sydney’s face for not issuing any bans even after this user went completely nuts talking pure trash to everyone in separate threads.
    I have no idea how that ended, since I didn’t participate in it. But watching a person acting like a wild animal was ironically entertaining :joy:

But if I must compare forums to the other platforms, especially Twitter and Reddit, this is already a safe haven. As a teenager growing up with the rise of social medias and the internet, I must say if there’s an online community, toxic people will be a part of it.

Quoting Mike Tyson: “Social media made y’all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it”. Now, I’m not saying violence is a good idea, but there’s truth in it: it is way too easy to get away with toxicity/harrassing/bullying via the internet. You can call me names here and I can’t do a thing :woman_shrugging:

If any of you here are Sky players (Sky is a community based game), I hope you won’t be shocked to know that there’s creeps even in that community. It’s saddening, but it strengthens my point further: these people are all over the place. The internet is just an easy option with a get-out-of-jail free card in their hands if things go wrong.

And that’s why I started this post saying that toxicity goes both ways. We can’t allow it to manifest if we are capable to do so. I can’t emphasize more that if you meet these kinds of people, just ignore, ignore, ignore and move on with life. It was the hardest thing for me to just swallow the anger and walk away, trust me, I grow up with anger issues, but I’d prefer we keep the dramas in Episode stories rather than acting them out live.

I hope this post helps you. See you around!


I remember that comedy/sci-fi thread (story definitely sci-fi, it wasn’t funny at all). Your mistake was thinking you could reason with stupidity.


Update: got even more downvotes overnight🤣 I’m convinced it’s turned into a cesspool of negativity over there. God forbid someone is actually gasp empathetic to people who put in hard work for free!

Like they say, haters gonna hate. At least I can sleep at night knowing I wouldn’t stoop to the level of making fun of people :hugs:

If anything it just makes me grateful for you guys here on the forums. I don’t think I’ve ever felt unheard or unfairly treated on here. You guys are awesome❤️


That’s comforting to hear :rofl::rofl:

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I agree, there’s constructive criticism then there’s negativity, being plain rude, being toxic, I know a few really nice authors however I can’t say I have really come across rude ones as such…

Everyone should be able to accept constructive criticism, when it’s to do with bettering the story and directing etc, we should be happy to learn, and accept criticism otherwise you won’t improve…