Some polls for my story

I’m making a romance story (oh wow) and I need some help, please answer the polls!

The MC is fully customizable (name included) do you want to customize the Love Interest as well?

  • Customize Love Interest fully (Looks and name customization)
  • Customize Love Interet’s looks only
  • Don’t customize Love Interest

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  • Reveal the plot a little bit, I want to know what I’m reading.
  • Don’t reveal anything, just the usual description. I’m up for a surprise.

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Do you want multiple endings? It can be sad/happy/neutral keep in mind that it’s romance

  • I want multiple endings.
  • I’m okay with one ending.

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Open endings…? :smiling_imp:

  • Don’t like them.
  • I like them.
  • I’m neutral.

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Amberose's explanation for answers

First of all… contest entry? :smirk:

I mean, idk… I’m never fussed about these things, so I didn’t vote at all. I think if your default look for the LI was ugly (I know that’s subjective, but still) then I’d be like damn, I wish I could change something. But also, I’m a little over CC all the time now, so I don’t mind if it’s not included.

The usual description of being Vaguey McVague Vague? Just no! I know there’s only a small amount of characters, but especially for the competitive market that is the romance genre, you got to give me something to bait me.

Multiple Endings
If it’s a contest entry for what we suspect the next one will be, then I’d encourage you to, because one of the things the take into account when judging is how much choices matter and if they have an impact, so multiple endings is one way to do it.

Open Endings
Depends on what story you’re writing and if you could make it work. But if you do multiple endings, then you could do both? Haha.


Not really, I didn’t even think of that. If it fits the next contest and limitations, then yes :rofl:

That’s why I want to implement it :rofl: many people have preferences when it comes to LI and it’s more than basic features like eyebrows

I won’t give away the whole plot, I don’t think anyone can understand it unless they are close to the end, but there might be some smarties that will analyze and predict the ending :grimacing:

I think I would do Open Ending if I didn’t have multiple endings. I only have one ending planned as of now, and it’s kinda sad. So I’m not sure lol.

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Well, if you don’t have limb overlay or art scene plans, then may as well offer CC?

As long as your description isn’t like: What happens when YOU meet Love Interest? Drama, Secrets and Love awaits. YOU DECIDE!!!11!!!1!

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A story where I don’t use limb overlays? That will never exist :rofl:

I think I’ll give the love interest a name but looks will be customizable.

I hate those. I’ve come up with a small description that doesn’t reveal too much. I’m not sure if it’s gonna attract anyone but oh well

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I couldn’t vote for the first question either, because I don’t really care about customizing the love interest, but I wouldn’t mind if you added it :wink:


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