Some polls that will help me with story!

Hey lads.

So I’m working on my first story, and since I started as a reader (as all of us prob did) I had some time to develop my own preferences and opinions. But the more community story I read the more I started to look at “reads” numbers and I was really surprised to see that stories I personally found flawless had only 100-600k reads, while stories where I had many “but’s” had over few mln reads. So I thought: „Hey, maybe - just maybe - people have other story preferences than me?” :thinking: (Or mby ppl just haven’t discovered those lil diamonds yet, but nvm)
And since I obviously want my story to be the most enjoyable for milions of readers out there I’m coming here with some polls! And hopefully someone will find them useful too! So let’s get straight to it.

First, most common question, I believe.

CC or non-CC?

Do you prefer to have the ability of customizing every single thing, BUT by that missing some descriptions and/or art scenes?
Do you not really mind lack of customization, because there are colourful descriptions and beatiful artscenes that still make the story enjoyable?

  • Full customization
  • No customization/limited customization
  • Idc as long as story is cool

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Timed choices to apply pressure, yes or no?

  • Yes, it’s more fun
  • No, too stresful

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When MC needs to respond or take action - choice that says exactly what MC will say/do or just general outline of it?

  • Exactly what MC will say/do (EVEN if this choice gonna have 3 lines of text)
  • Exactly what MC will say/do (UNLESS this choice gonna have 3 lines of text)
  • Just an outline of what MC will say/do

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Ready outfits or creating your own?

  • Full outfits
  • Part-by-part outfits

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When building relationships with other characters:

Do you prefer to see how many - if any - points you gained/lost (ie. @NAME +1 / @NAME -1) or something less clarified (eg. @NAME will remember that you did something ) and seeing if it was a good or a bad decision later in story (eg. @NAME stands up for you because of that something you did )?

  • I want to know how many relationship points I gained/lost
  • I want to know immadietly if I did something good/bad
  • I prefer to see what impact my actions had later, as it is in real life and relationship points may remain hidden
  • Other (Please, write down how do you prefer it to be shown)

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And finally the last one (for now):

Longer episodes but with less action, so story with like 13-15 episodes, but long ones.
Shorter episodes with more action, but longer story, so 20-30 episodes.

  • Longer episodes, shorter story
  • Shorter episodes, longer story

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That’s it for now! I’ll 100% edit if I’ll have any other struggles. Also ya’ll r free to suggest questions I can add to this post. Don’t be afraid to use those opinions to your own stories and please, please, pleaseshare your opinion!



You tend to find that the quantity of reads is no reflection of quality on this app :sweat_smile:


Off topic, but srsly, all I see on “top” is abt some hot reach/mafia guy that “wants you” and smt abt “he always gets what he wants” with 50smt episodes :sob:

I mean, cool, everyone likes smt different but I feel like all those stories r abt exactly the same thing and they have like 20M reads, but in meantime characters are moving on top of trees, fences etc like authors don’t even use overlays and ppl are so amazed by those stories, ugh :woman_facepalming:


“He always gets what he wants eventually” :nauseated_face::mask:

Seriously all of the top stories are the same story and they never change for… some reason? Like they never rotate out or anything