Some questions about directing to instagram etc

  1. There is this one, what is the coding for doing that?
    And also how do you make it pink because in the story I find this al the bubbles and talking things were not blue but pink.
  2. And there is another one like that that says follow me on Instagram and follow later what is that script
  3. And I think there is another one but i can’t seem to come up to it no.

Does someone has these scripts.


making it pink is easy all you have to do is create a new story and name it Mean Girls keep in mind that you can rename a story that and expect it to be pink

the follow me in instagram stuff is just default you go to episode setting and fill in your social media info

that does not work with me, i can’t do it maybe because it is not published yet.

But i don’t understand, what has changing the name has to do with the color from your text?

you have to make a completely new story and it should work from the first time you preview it

When you make a new story, the writher portal does not ask wich coulours you want to use…

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they don’t

writing Mean Girls or Demi Lovato kind of hacks the system for you to use those colours

Soon you will be able to change them after the update of new speech bubbles, be patient :grin:

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look i can’t fill in instagram it does not exist:

It does not work sometimes, keep trying

But there is no button for instagram only

  1. episode interactive
  2. twitter
  3. facebook

The instagram one is the very first one with the Instagram icon. Replace @episode_interactive with your account name.

ok i thry… thanks

To make it pink, make a new story and name it Mean Girls, it will automatically be pink.
To make it purple, make a new story and name it Demi Lovato.
Keep the same capitalizations.

but then my story has the name off that is that really so @Apes or @Dara.Amarie

Like I said, just wait for a new update. :slight_smile:

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Thanks dear i knew i could trust you.