Some silly question that i hope gets answered

I don’t know how to even start explaining this but i have seen this on many of the authors instagram.
where by an author is in that process of writing her story, hasnt yet published it but is able to post screen shots of her/his story and it doesnt show the navigation, helpers and speech bubble boxes guide boxes and stuff and its like they are palying a story or sth.
How is this done. hope you guys understood!


Go to navigation and turn off debug elements of HUD :blush:

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There’s an option in Navigation named ‘Hide debug elements of HUD’ which hides the navigation, helpers, and all.

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Thanks guys, y’all are life savers. feeling kinda dumb to not know this but ok! :innocent:

You can preview the story on your phone or computer and then go to navigation and turn off elements of HUD :blob_hearts:

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