Some sounds won't work when I play my own story

Hi! So here’s the problem: I’m currently writing my own story and there are a few sound and music effects
The point is, if I preview my story while writing it everything works perfectly, I can hear every sound or music effect… but when I play my story on the app (whether I’m using my phone or my tablet) some sounds just won’t work, like they’re not even there!
I can’t understand what’s the problem, please help me


Do you have an iPhone? And did you switch on/off the sounds in the app and on the phone (the switch off/on button on the side of the iPhone)? If yes, that can be a reason.
If not, then the next question is - if that applies to music or sounds? or just both randomly work or not? :hugs:

that’s happened to me before too! it’s so weird, i can’t hear the music/sounds sometimes when I’m reading it on the app, but usually if you exit the story and reload it again I think you should be able to hear it

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No I don’t have an IPhone. By the way, the music effects work perfectly both in preview and when I play the story on my phone… The problem is about sounds

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I tried but it stays the same😭

Maybe it’s a volume problem? Like the music is way louder than the sound?

Send me the link to your story and i will tell you if i am able to hear the music and sounds.
Also send me the ss of the sounds you are using!

I do have exactly the same problem! I play on an android phone. Everything works perfectly when I preview my story on my pc, but as soon as I try it on my phone just a few sounds and music will play. It randomly skips some. I tried to disable and enable sound effects and even updated the app, but it’s still the same.
So you are not alone with this problem.

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