Some splashes (pm me)

Is there anyone that can create me some splashes?

I could create some, if you want. Here are some of my examples: My Little Art Shop

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Ok, what do you need?

What you want on the splash

If you want characters on the splash, I need their character details as well.

I’ll also need to know if you have any preferences: A certain background, font, color, etc.

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Love interest Details:

Name- Uriah

Body- Gold 02

Brow- Straight Medium Scar (Dark Brown)

Hair- Medium side curls (Platinum ice)

Eyes- Male generic (ice blue)

Face- diamond Soft

Nose- Grecian narrow

Lips- Full Heart natural(beige gold matte)

Love interest Outfit:

Top- varsity coat plain school polyester red candy

Bottoms- slacks casual fitted wool neutral white

Footwear- pull tab yellow stitched rubber heel boot matte leather red rose

Accessories- dagger and roses arm tattoo solid, long chain rectangle pendant metal gunmetal grey

Mc Details:

Name- Audrey

Body- Rose 02

Brow- Arched Thick Style (Ginger Red)

Hair- Long Wavy Parted Hair (Strawberry Blonde)

Eyes- Rounds Downturned Wide (Green Emerald)

Face- Heart Soft

Nose- Defined Natural

Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Gloss)

Mc Outfit:

Top- varsity coat plain school polyester red candy

Bottoms- water proof black pants leather white ivory

Footwear- holiday strap leather red

I don’t have any specific background but can the font color be blue and I have no specific font

For mature themes can they be kissing

For strong language can the mc be swearing with a censor bar over her mouth and the love interest be shocked

For music can they be at a karaoke bar and she’s signing and he’s beatboxing


Are these ok? Would you like something changed? :sparkling_heart:

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No these are great, thank you so much! How do you want me to credit you?

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You can credit me by my instagram @Problematic_Patrick :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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