Some story advice needed

I am having a fight in my head on how I want my story to go. If someone can give me advice on which direction t ok take that would be great. I know what I want I just dont know when to place it.

First, Calm down… Think, What is it about? What happens in the end?

Example: Hmm, I am making a Romance story right? What is it about? Hmmm… Like a school crush! Or something… o.o But what will she do to confess if shes… too nervous… What if the boy’s a killer! :3 endless possiblites! and it’ll end with her getting her crush :3

Well see my character is in love with his best friends ex girl ( whom his friend is still in love with) they both just dont realize it’s the same girl and I’m trying to decide if I want his and hers relationship to become intimate before he finds out or after. I want it to really effect him but I cant decide to what extent.

Could you let it be a choice? A CHOICE option to let the girl decide… (If not main character then. okay)

Like if he does it before he will push her away for his friend but be torn about the fact he loves her and the fact he has to tell his friend what he did or if he sleeps with her after then hell feel guilty for betraying his friend

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Well the girl is the main character and I’m not sure how to make it a choice because the story line leading up to it will be dramatically different

Hmm… Toughe… If you do the choice then your working with IFS AND ELSES. but nah.

IT effects him Ima just ask, Will the best friend get mad for hooking up? will the character who is in love will fight :wink: or talk about it, will the best friend leave the girl for hooking up!? just something to think about> Oh, ooh! will they… run away!

Well here’s a little back story her and the 2nd guy where together and broke up cuz he moved away and they lost touch. He met the 1st guy after he moved and they became almost like brothers 2nd guy talked about the girl all the time and even made a plan to move back and find her when they went off to college. Both guys move and 1st guy meets her but she goes by a nickname so he never realizes it’s her. He is falling I. Love with her and her with him and then one day at a party for a mutual friend she runs into 2nd guy and hes still in love with her she is in love with 1st guy but is conflicted now that 2nd guy is back


Lol well for sure there will be but I just gotta figure out which path to take

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