Some story ideas would be great right now 🤦🏾

I’m really stuck and have been writing and erasing my story ideas because I can’t seem to find where I’m going with it if you have some ideas I’ll be glad to hear them :heart:🤷🏾

you can kinda need to give us a plot to go after. els we can make a sugestion there will not the story at all.

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What kind of story do u want to right? Romance, horror, mystery?

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I was thinking writing a story about a girl that feels like her dreams mean something to her but she doesn’t know what they are trying to tell her

Because what happens in her dreams happens in real life but with a thrilling twist
But I don’t know how I feel about it :thinking:

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If anything I’m looking for something with a different universe involved but also come back to the real world (home)

Like a portal? Lets see…

MC sleeps and whenever she sleeps, she teleports into another universe. She only comes back when she goes to sleep again. If she sleeps on 10 PM, she will be on the other universe as soon as she sleeps (like 11 PM) and she will continue from that time.

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Yea thanks I like that :slightly_smiling_face: any other ideas on her dreams

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I like this idea! Kind of like Sucker Punch? Maybe something bad from the other universe wants to break through into the real world, maybe MC gets clues from her dreams on how to stop it - and in the end MC has to choose whether to stay in the alternative universe or in the real world?


Yeah , Thanks :heart:

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