Some Suggestions For Horses as 'Clothes', and or just Ideas in general to make stories look a little more realistic!

So, as we know, they have just come with a new update where we can use HORSES! I was so excited guys!! So, here are some Ideas for Episode, Horses. I think that as sort of ‘Clothes’ for them, they should have horse armor! So like, if your Character is a Knight, or there is some type of battle, you could have armor for your horse and like, ride into battle! Another cool suggestion, how about some pegasus wings guys?! Wouldn’t that be awesome!?!? Also, for the regular people characters, they should have like, big wings that make them look like A literal angel! Like, if someone was to create a story with angels (Because the regular wings are like, really small) they should make like huge beautiful Angel wings! So that’s all for my suggestions, but feel free to comment and suggest your own, and maybe we could talk 'bout it!


Hey there @13Writer07, you may want to check out our Feature + Art Suggestions category! Our Feature Request Guidelines can show you how to make requests to the Episode development team. :smiley:

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Yeah I’d love to do that! Thanks!