Some tips and ideas!

Hello! Right now I’m working on a story called “Innocent”.
Summary: After a wild night with your best friend. You wake up the next morning with no memory of what you did. The only clue you have, is a dead body.
Style: Limelight
Mostly I want this story to be about two friends who try to hide a murder and facing all of it’s consequences. Uncovering lies, drama, trauma and secrets between them.
This story is a pilot so I’m not really sure if it will have an ending.
I’d just really like your opinion if I should add or erase something.
Also this story hasn’t been published yet so It’s an opinion mostly based on this forum.
Or some tips to make this story standout and be interesting.

Sounds intriguing. Probably something I would read

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Sounds interesting :slight_smile: I would love to read it.

Maybe you can write the killer put drug/pill on the MC’s and friend’s drink. He plot to frame them or maybe someone is trying to get revenge on them something happen in the past.


Maybe the Mc’s friend killed the person because he or she idk , liked them in the past but the person liked the MC. The friend wanted to kill the MC because of jealousy. Ended up killing the person, how ? , idk. Add whatever you want , remove whatever, just write what makes you happy. :grinning::grinning:
I’d like to read when publish , I like your plot so far .

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