Some1 help w this overlay thanks x

Hey, I have an issue with a leg overlay. I want her to kick the girl thats lying down but I can’t figure it out. pls help. (the overlay named “LEG WITH SHOE2” is the one that’s supposed to kick the girl)

For this I would personally play around with rotating it slightly. As it is already at an angle, you might want to rotate it clockwise first then rotate anti-clockwise (this will be a negative number when coding).
This is taken from Dara’s thread on animating overlays

ROTATING Overlays:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME rotates # anchor point x x in T

Rotating an overlay depends on it’s anchor point :
anchor point 0 0 is the bottom left of the overlay
anchor point 0.5 0.5 is the center of the overlay
anchor point 1 1 is the top right of the overlay

# is a number between 0 through 360 (like the degrees of a circle)
360 turns the overlay all the way around, which turns it back to 0
180 makes the overlay upside down

The link below should help you !!

Thank you!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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