Somebody get me some help please

Okay so I made this into a Png then i downloaded it and then it did not save as a png and half of the work i put into tracing it, did not even SAVVEEEEEEE SO NOW I GIVE UP CAUSE I’M HONESTLY FED UP SO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT AND MAKE THIS INTO A PNG FOR ME.

details: I need all the lines as a png and the four bars on the sides to connect it PLEASE.


If you do this for me literally thank you, you are a saint

Also this is for a template so I will defintly give you credit .

Itś not the best but uhm… this is what you wanted right?



wait nvm My bad i didn´t read what you said

No your fine, I can try to use this, literally I will take anything

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Iḿ sorry Lol i suck at this too :sweat_smile:

Yw :smiley:

Just checking but where did you find this image? Because reverse searching it shows it as a still from a stock video’s gaming footage.

Images must be free for commercial use in order to be used legally on episode, and so if this doesn’t explicitly state that it is able to be used in that way, then you won’t be able to use it.

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Im not sure, I was given this background to make a template for a fight. Can you explain further on what you mean please

All images used for backgrounds/covers/overlays, visuals of all types on episode, must come from reliable and safe sources that allow the images to be used for commercial purposes. In other words, they must not be copyrighted images.

The ring picture you posted, appears to be taken from a computer game, therefore the image will be legally the property of whoever owns the game visual rights, in other words, illegal for you to use, and modify.