Somebody help me create a title! [Update; Found a name!]

I need help with a title for my story😭 somebody please help!
Here is the description for my story, “In the upbringing of war between different worlds, innocent Kitana is trained to become a warrior for her world. Due to her past, will her morals allow her to serve?”
The story is a fantasy story about a young girl who has just arrived back in her home realm, in her realm they are going to war with a dark realm and she is being trained to become a warrior within it. She becomes one and that’s where the real action begins…
I can’t come up with a title somebody help!
Update; Came up with a title, I choose to call it Mortality due to how Kitana’s morals will affect the story plot.

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When I read this, I though of “My Power Within” and “With Light, There will Always be Darkness”. I hope this helps you deside :kissing_heart:

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Something like “Path of Violence”/“Road of Violence”, “Warchild”, “Fighting Inside”/“The Fight Within”, “War Queen”/“Light Queen”, “In Between Two Worlds”, “Light in the Darkness”

…it really depends on where you want to go with your story. Like, does the main character become a great war hero in the end, then War Queen would be appropriate. Yet if you want to tell a story in which she somehow brings peace or is still very conflicted even after having become a warrior and you want to tell about that, a title like “In Between Two Worlds” or “Light in the Darkness” would be more appropriate. So it really depends on where you want to go with this story and what you essentially want to tell by it.

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There’s this Steinbeck quote “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” I feel like A Thinking Animal would get an anti war message across (if that’s what you’re going for) and allude to the duality of her feelings about what she has to do.


Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated


“Realm Wars”
“World Wars”?
“Warriors of (realm name)”

That’s all I can think of now.

In the beginning the name was Kitana but then I changed it to “The Truth Between” and now I’m lost😭

Well Kitana do sounds good… when I make a story title, I use cool words that can catch someone’s interest. In fiction story, you must have a very catchy title (you know, the very first impression?)

That’s why I’m having so much trouble like my mind is blankkk

I also put it as “Lyrica” which her Kitana’s home realm but to me it sounds a little light

Or you can surf for stories and get an inspiration from them.

Okok thanks

Np :blush:

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