Somebody help :(

EXT. LIT GARDEN 1ZONE - NIGHT with LIT GARDEN 1ZONE - NIGHT BLURRED at layer 0 with ARI AND DANI to 1.975 25 -5 in zone 1 at layer 1
&overlay LIT GARDEN 1ZONE - NIGHT BLURRED opacity 0 in 0
&overlay ARI AND DANI opacity 0 in 0
&overlay UA TYF create
&overlay UA TYF to layer 2
&overlay UA TYF shifts to 10 485 in 0
&overlay UA 900 READS create
&overlay UA 900 READS to layer 3
&overlay UA 900 READS shifts to 155 450 in 0


I don’t get what I’m doing wrong?.. :neutral_face:

I believe your error is coming from using “AND” in the name of your overlay, as the portal recognizes it as a command and doesn’t acknowledge it as part of the name of the overlay. You will have to upload it with a different name.

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Ohhh ok. Thank you

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Closed as this is a duplicate. :slight_smile: