Somebody needs an outfit immediately? I'm bored

So right now I’m doing online school and I’m pretty bored and, since I really enjoy making outfits, I was hoping to find someone who needs my help :blush:.
You’ll receive the outfit in a very short time.
This is what I need to know:

  • Gender/body type
  • Occasion
  • Outfit style
  • Character style or personality
  • Anything particular that has to be included (optional)

Hope this is helpful for someone

  • Female/Female Generic Body
  • Gala
  • A long dress, not revealing anything
  • She likes blue and is very kind. Her name is Grace. She also is hardworking.
  • Grace doesn’t like to be too showy. But at least have a few people’s jaws drop when she walks into the Ballroom. And Grace’s time is in the 1800s.

Here is how Grace looks:

This is probably the best option with the less revealing (there are very few dresses from that age)


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Female Generic

Spy/ Mystery

Black, black, black!!! You can have something revealing or not I don’t mind because a woman can wear whatever she wants

Sarcastic, badass, strong

No thank you so much :blush:

I did two outfits hope you like them😊

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Thank you!!!

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@0_Sara_Rose_0, @HaloStories.epi if you need anything else feel free to ask