Somebody please help me with a cover

I’m new to all this and I’m writing my very first story but I suck at art and drawing can any oxy help me out and create me some art work… pretty please :heart_eyes:

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I can try to help you! What would you like in it?

I’m not sure what to put yet… it’s called his masterpiece… it’s about a high school graduate that gets a job as a secretary of a kingpin… but she doesn’t know he is a kingpin in the beginning.

Episode harmony can

Do you all have any suggestions?

Where is that located… I’m new to all this… I’ve been reading stories for awhile but I’ve never really been involved in anything but I love writing so I started to write my own story and I’m having trouble.

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Hi I am unsure if you still need a cover but if so I would love to help you!

If you still need help, we can!

Request here :kissing_heart:

Can i get screen shot of the characters

Were already working on it!

I thought @episode.harmony is closed…?

Yes you can… I’ll get one now… thank you so much.

Thank you all for your help I didn’t realize how many people would be willing to help me out I appreciate it so much… please also tell me who to credit and I will make sure you get a shout out :wink:


I know you probably don’t but if you still need a cover I can help!

You can make one if you want the more the merrier for me to choose from I’m sure i can use it for something… thank you so much

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That’s why I said if you still need help. Chill if you’re doing it we won’t get involved :joy:

I will accept everybody’s help… you can never have to many

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