Somebody please help with Text Overlay!

The text shows perfectly fine but my problem is the actual overlay. It shows in my background and I don’t want it to.
Here’s my script:

@overlay CAR BUG REAR create text |color:red|His PA
@overlay CAR BUG REAR opacity 1 in 0

I have no idea what’s wrong and why it’s showing.

Thread about creating text from overlays linked above. So when you’re testing it on mobile, it shows the text in red as well as the car overlay (both) but you only typed a command for the text to show, right?

I found out the problem turns out that I just needed to put
@overlay CAR BUG REAR create
instead of adding it to the background. Thanks for taking the time to help anyway I appreciate it.

But do you know how to add two text overlays? If so please help me.
Thank you in advance to whoever can help me.

Closed: Marked as solved by op @Shay.Writes :v: