Somebody pls help me do a large and small cover for my story!

My story name is “Why did I die?”.
I would love if someone cam help me do a cover for it.
Here’s what they look like:

For the small cover, Sarah has to dance_lift_receive_loop and Liam will dance_lift_give_loop (if posibble, make him look sad).
For the large cover, I want only the title in all big letter and make it look like its raining. (Same background)
That’s all. Thank you!

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Episode harmony can

thank you for your help but someone already offered to do the covers gfor me,but ill be sure to recomend to some of my friends about this team!:sweat_smile::hugs:

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Hey do think its still possible if i ask a large and small cover from episode harmony now?

Does that mean I dont do it anymore

Well, you said its pretty tough and I need it urgently so…

No I aid I can complete it but I am having difficulties with the pose
You said yu wanted her fyin but the pose was her neutral

Yeah sorry I dunno how to make her body full and flyin at the same time.