Somebody to help me with idea for cover of my story? (I want to try to do it myself)

So I just created my first cove - showing it here so you can imagine my level of abilities:

I am not able to draw in any program so I am able to make the cover only by cutting out the characters from screenshots… and I have another story on which I work but I am a bit stuck because of this limitation.

This story will be more mature themed and my ideal cover would have characters looking like this…

Obviously this I cant achieve with available animations.:slight_smile: Or can it?

Maybe somebody will come with completly different cover Idea which can be done with animations?

to get a better understanding of the story:

Story description:
Kate is a young freshly graduated lawyer. She is an old-fashioned good girl type. Unfortunately, she is insecure with men and tends to instead of being real pretending to be the perfect girlfriend. She starts to work in the prestige company while having a very intimidating boss - Christian who for not so clear reason picked her up to be his assistant.
At the same time her friends persuade her to go to a new mystery club where people wear masks and where is nothing prohibited. She meets there mystery guy in a mask of an eagle who quickly drags her to the dangerous world of sex and seduction. He also has an eagle tattoo on his back.
So Kate starts to live on an edge of a double life - at day good girl and lawyer, at the nigh wild sexy girl in a cat costume.
In the meantime, Eagle becomes almost a drug for her. Only with him, she feels real even it is just sex and she doesn’t know anything about him.
In some moment she starts to be suspicious that Eagle is, in reality, either Christian her boss or his brother? Due to working together she starts to develop feelings for Christian, not knowing if he feels the same because he keeps all the time 100% professional. And she starts to be more and more confused and trapped in that situation - she wishes more and more that Eagle and Christian are one person and therefore fears more and more that they are not.
She is due to this confronted with her fear, fears to stand to who she is, fear of being judged or rejected and fear to show her true feelings.
This story will have also some humor in it - Kate has 2 bit crazy friends so the “tone” of the story will not be to heavy. But later in the story, it will become also a bit thriller.

how come covers always shall be sexual here?

why are you not able to draw. there exist a lot free if its money problem

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Thanks for the response but it didn’t help me at all. :smiley:

To your question
LOL have no idea why are cover as they are. My cover for the Secret of the necklace is not sexual at all because the story is about mystery and not about sex.

But this other story The Dark Club is really a lot about sex. not in explicit form but it is a lot about being addicted to the sensation she has with that guy… so having the cover with such look is logical because it explores the feeling from the story reader should have… and is my personal choice to write story like that and to have cover like that.

I am not able to draw in digital form because I never did it and have no idea how it works. Not everybody id born digital artist or wants to learn it.

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Are you able to/have access to a programme where you can crop the characters?
Because if so you actually should be able to create something kind of like this, I used to mess about making poses when I first started.
You set up a few poses and then cut parts and put them together. If you cut it clean enough in parts you shouldn’t need to do any art to make it look natural.
If not you could ask someone to finish up what you make, if you don’t want to just request it :slightly_smiling_face:

Is your story Limelight or INK. I would totally read it if its INK, but limelight isn’t really my thing.

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Hey that is great idea! yeah I have GIMP so cuting out parts is not a problem. Just havent thought about it this way.:slight_smile: I will definitly try!

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itls LL I kinda like it more.:slight_smile: I cant say what are mine writing abilities - so no idea if it will be readabla after all but if I will be fortunate to get readers making it to INK wouldnt be that dificult.:slight_smile: