Someone can help me please :(

Hi guys I’m new and i have a problem about character customization it gives an error and i dont know what to do

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What error?
And can you show your script?


Welcome to the forums!!! If you ever need anything feel free to pm me or if you just want to talk hit me up. You’ll have fun on the forums and make a bunch of friends :wink: if you need a profile picture let me know

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Put this before } Neutral 00

Did you create it?

I think they all might have a pair already, so I don’t think that’s the problem (Sorry)

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The choices are fine, it’s because the name and changes into command should be in the one line

Is someone not lazy enough to help me? (CUSTOMIZATION TEMPLATE) i take codes here is there a problem :confused:

Could you possibly show me an example, so I can tell for future references?

It should be:

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into _____


changes bodyColor into _____

Oh I get it.

Check out this thread and make sure you won’t use spaces/shift when changing the name of the character

i will try it, thank you so much :slight_smile:

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