Someone can make this bear into an transparent bear without the white background

Into overlay for me please and thanks

teal bear - 13

teal bear - 15

teal bear - 16

teal bear - 22
Please and thanks

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Which or all of them

all of them if you can I try to do it but it take off some of the bear fur. or make the middle transparent.

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These work?
image image image

![teal bear - 12|427x499]

If you can also do this one for me too. I will be grateful

I need the bear, cake, and flower and the book or whatever is under the flowers.
Please and thanks.

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I can try

This work?

The white background reminds. I what the white background to be remove or transparent so that when I set the bear on the bed you don’t see the white square around it. If taht make sense.

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It is check in the portal

It works thank you alot. :heart:

remove the boxes around it for me please and thanks.

Can you try with this the one I set you jpeg and when I convert it to png. I upload it to portal and the white background is this there.



This one is the png file can you see if you upload it to your portal if the white background still remain the same.

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I’m not able to use my normal device I edit with but as soon as I can I will do that for u

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okay thanks

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Do these work? Also when u use these please credit my forums

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