Someone code a intro for me and a friend

Me and a friend are going to write a story together. We were wondering if someone could code us a intro for our story.
We have 4 overlays and 3 characters used in it
Name it maybe like
Overlay 1
Overlay 2
Overlay 3
Overlay 4
We want Male1 to be writing on a chalk board behind him (we already have the background)
And then here slides in Overlay1 which is the title
Then Male1 steps away and does the think animation while look at it
Then goes back to it and writes on it again and slides in Overlay2
Male1 steps back and thinks again
Then Female1 comes in and think
Then add Overlay3 and put it all over both the title and names and make it look like Female1 is getting rid of it
And then get rid of Overlay3
And make Female1 looking like she is writing on it too
Then pops in Overlay 4

Can someone make this for us within 2 weeks?

If you can Thank You!!!

i think i can make this for u