Someone direct my story for me >.>


Just kidding, but I am looking for some help with beta reading my story. Anybody up for the task?


I wouldn’t mind beta reading. What’s the story about?


It’s a drama. It’s about a girl and her best friend/partner. They encounter some rough times, and decide to run away together, but tragedy strikes, and the girl has to decide how she deals with it. She ends up leading a double life after meeting someone new and getting together with them. She acts happy and in love, but in reality she is struggling with an addiction. She ends up being confronted by her demons, and has to decide what she is going to do. That’s the basic summary.


Sounds interesting! :slight_smile:


Moved to Find a Writing Partner section. Carry on! :v:t2:


If you still want to read, let me know! I am going to finish up the third episode before I share the link, should be a couple days :slight_smile:


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