Someone explain layers


Could someone pls explain what layers are like idk what they do? I sound dumb but like i’m genuinely confused.


You know when 2 characters are hugging and one of them is in front of each other? BAM! That’s layering :blush:

Basically, the higher the layer the more “in front” they will be. Really helpful for when you put in a crap load of background characters to make sure they stay put in the background.


Hehe… @brvnda
The layer guide…:joy::joy::wink:


oooohhh i kinda get it now tyyy


As a visual learner, this guide helped me so much :wink:
btw thanks @s.dsana for the mention ;)!


@HaileyBombshell I’ve made a guide about layers as well

HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


Apes, can I PM you a question?


Of course! You don’t have to ask :wink:


Thank you to everyone that responded! It helped a lot and I understand now!


Wait, i have one more question, are characters automatically put on layer two?


Yes it can :slight_smile: