Someone give me a story idea


Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for writing? No specific genre


Write a comedy story about a boy who has an imaginary friend he can only see


I don’t really suggest specific romance stories, but a good detective story with a slight hint of romance is kind of what I am looking for since there are plenty of bad boy stories on episode.


Write a CC comedy story where reader gets to choose if they want to be male or female and if they prefer men or women, not many of those out there


I have a few plots from stories I’ve tried to write but lost all inspiration for. Feel free to use any and replace any names or change up the plots a bit if you’ll use!


  • A peasant and her young daughter embark on a challenging mission that could put a stop to their terrorizing ruler once and for all. (overthrowing the king)
  • Thirty-year-old nurse Regina Robertson discovers she has gained the ability to look into the past she thought she had no memory of.

Romance or Drama: (I usually lump in the two, but then again, which romance story doesn’t include drama?)

  • A young woman is released from prison ten years after she was wrongly convicted guilty of murder to see that everything and everyone in her life have completely changed. (a love interest could be added like an old friend the MC used to like before they were sent to prison, etc.)
  • Karina Brown, a well-known American popstar, pays her small hometown in New York a visit only to run into the woman who broke her heart the day before she left to Los Angeles just five years ago.


  • Follow Maolin Powers, one of the United States’ top assassins, as she takes on her boss’ biggest enemies on an intense trip across the globe.

I feel like this post is really long so if you’re looking for any more ideas, let me know! :grin:


May I have some ideas too please
If so thank you so much!!

If not well then… at least I tried…

Also to narrow it down so you don’t give away all your ideas… I’ve been interested in fantasy, romance, comedy mixed together if you’d like or separate, any who thank so much!!:star_struck:


Lol it’s okay! Those are most of my good ideas I just posted, but what genre(s) are you interested in?


oh wow you are quick! I just edited my previous comment, comedy, romance, fantasy…


I just saw that! Should I message them to you? I wouldn’t wanna spam the topic! <3


message me how? If there is a way you can do it through episode then sure… sorry I’m a little new to episode portal and stuff


Yes! You should see the notification for it soon.


Okay thank you!


Ccan i please get a story idea?