Someone got an intro for me๐Ÿค”

So if I were to give you the background and the overlay could someone code something cool for my intro for my story (unpublished. I will also give you credit :wink::blue_heart:)


Can I see the bg and overlay? I canโ€™t guarentee anything though.

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And if you can can you pls tell me so I know to go and look for someone else or not

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I will try my best to get it to you ASAP!

Ok, so this is what I got. Obviously you are gonna have to change the names of the bg and overlay.

@pause for 0.08 AND overlay FIGHT OR LOVE shifts to 662 2286 AND overlay FIGHT OR LOVE scales to 1348 1.348
Hello and welcome to | italic |To Fight or Love!
@overlay FIGHT OR LOVE shifts to -2 -86 in 2 with easebackinout AND overlay FIGHT OR LOVE scales to 1.322 1.322
sound explosion_small

Also I had to resize the bg so here it is:

thank you!!

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Of course!

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