Someone help I'm going to loose it

So, maybe I did something wrong idk, but can someone tell me why my overlay isn’t showing up? It also isn’t going to the place I told it to and when I try to move it, I can’t see it

This is the script:

@overlay PHOTO1 create
@overlay PHOTO1 opacity 1
@overlay 4927334231441408_PHOTO1 shifts to -98 -174
@overlay 4927334231441408_PHOTO1 scales to 1.234 1.234
@cut to zone 3
&speechbubble is 170 245 to 100%
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARECTER is idle_sad

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@overlay 4927334231441408_PHOTO1 shifts to -98 -174 in zone 3

I’m no expert, but this could work?

I’ll try that

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If it doesn’t, sorry! Idk either :sweat_smile:

Dude I love you you’re the best. It worked thanks a lot

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Haha, no problem! Happy to help. :blush:

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