Someone help me come up with a description please

My story is about a woman(MC) who wanted to follow in her dads footsteps and become a police detective. Her father was killed a year ago while on duty but his killer was never caught and this made you even more determined to become a police detective.

When you start your first case is a murder of a famous fashion designer however you notice a scar on her left hip which reveals she is actually the fashion designers sister who died in an accident a year ago.

To avoid confusion the story focuses on the murder of the fashion designer not her father :slight_smile:
Also a question would you read a story like this?

  • Yes I would
  • No I wouldn’t

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Its actually up to you because its your story, But I’ll try to help. Let me think about it

Yeah I would read the story

a Normal girl wants to be a Police Detective inspired by Her Dad. But, when her dad got killed while on duty and the killer never get caught that gives you the curiosity… Will you be able to find out who’s the killer?

(hehe :joy:)

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With the premise, I wouldn’t. I’ve seen enough “finding who killed your parents” stories. But if you implement new cases in every episode, like the famous fashion designer, I would read it.

Sorry guys forgot to add the primary focus is actually on the fashion designers murder not her dads. His death is actually a very small roll in the story

Hmmm… the concept is interesting, but I’d much rather have the overarching plot be about avenging her dad’s death, or I don’t know, just anything having to do with his death. The fashion designer case would work, but it would work better as a subplot.

For the feed back guys :slight_smile:
Unfortunately for th story to work the fashion designer case will have to be the main plot as the fathers case does connect to it later in the story :slight_smile:

With your father’s killer still on the loose, and now the assassination of a fashion designer… you’re left to solve a gruesome unsolved murder… can you solve it?

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That’s fantastic can I please use this :slight_smile:

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thank you XX

Your welcome!

oh wow of course. :heart:

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