Someone help me find backgrounds please

I’m making a story with a big family (not super big but pretty big). It is 2 adults and 4 children, a family of 6. I’m looking for pictures of home interiors that have enough space for them. more specifically im looking for living rooms i have a few but there’s only like one couch and it doesnt make sense for a bigger family to only have one couch in their living room. i hope this makes sense. please send me any backgrounds u think would make sense.

Hey here are some you might be able to use,
(if you make the table into an overlay you can use all the chairs in this one)

(The open space part on this one you could edit the background to add more chairs there or use overlays in your story)

(Again if you make the table an overlay you can use more chairs here)

(Same overlay table here too)

(And again here useage of overlays and added chairs)

Hope this helps :smiley:

These are not my own images I got them on pixabay… You can find more stuff such as chair overlays and more living rooms there too :slight_smile:


I like this one, thank u so much! How can i make the table overlay?

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i posted asking for help on the overlay, thank you for finding me the backgrounds :grinning:

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You’re welcome, glad it helps :grin: