Someone help me please and thank you

How do you add weather effect when your character is in the shower and not and not the entire sence of when she enters the bathroom?

Write the weather effect with the background name. If you want the weather effect gone re-write background name with no weather effect.

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weather effect is on the whole screen.

If you want to see rain atc only on part of the background - you cant use whether effect, this is done with overlays

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Whenever i do that it starts raining at the beginning of the scene right until she starts to bathe…but i only want the rain effect right when she starts to bathe

then you must build the scene again in the moment you want it to rain since wether effect starts with setting the background - so you have to set it again even its the same scene/background.

#scene where you do not want the wheater efect
#scene where you want the effect - she starts to bath
#and again the scene when you want to end the effect


I really don’t understand what you’re saying could you please show me a visual

Where do i get a rain overlay from??

She is saying that in order to clear the rain effect, you have to build the scene again because the effect will last as long as it’s still the same one.

You can find rain overlays online on free sites here’s one I found.


Although if you use a rain overlay, it will fall all at once (as an overlay does) so in order to make the fall look better you might want to download it twice so when one falls the other can be at the top and fall after it.

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There is already a rain effect that can be found on the right side of the portal with all the drop downs. So you don’t actually need an overlay.

What she meant was, to apply the rain effect, you need to include it with the background, so which is why you have to code it: BACKGROUND with effect HARD RAIN
And because you can’t remove the rain effect unless you create a new background, you have to create the same scene BUT without the rain effect: BACKGROUND

And that is why she coded it like this:

#scene without any rain effect

#same scene but with rain effect

#resetting the scene to remove the rain effect

How did you get it to download it png form?

I just searched “rain png transparent” and downloaded it from one of the websites that showed up.

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Everytime i download it and try uploading it as an overlay they keep telling it has to png form sigh

Fineally got it

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