Someone help with outfit choices

so here’s the tea fam, i’ve seen in a couple of stories the actually outfit on the background, and then you tap which one you want and your character changes into it. I have no clue whatsoever on how to do that. Someone help a sister out?

for the outfit being in the background:
are you talking about mannequins ? if so the link has a template for it/how to do it. but for the mannequins it isn’t tap it and your characters change into it, it’s a choice thing so maybe thats not what your looking for?

for the tapping the outfit, you use tappable overlays. i believe it’s still in beta but it should work.
document on how to use them
and here’s a thread here on the forums explaining them
i think you would save a picture of your outfit and upload it as an overlay then use the tappable overlay code.