Someone help with this error pls


Here is the script: (currently we are in zone 2)

   ERIN (talk_call_out)
I'm not done with you!

@ERIN is disappointed
@pause for a beat
@JAKE enters from left to screen left in zone 1 (this is the problem line)

    JAKE (talk_angry)
What are you doing!?!

End of script
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this pls.


What is the problem?


what does the error claim ?


He’s entering from left to screen left, that’s the problem. He needs to be entering from left to screen right


Where’s that written??




Oh… my bad I saw it now…


You also had him coming in in zone 1 when you said the scene was written in zone 2. Is that the problem?


:joy::joy: you’re good :slight_smile:


Yes as you can’t have that I think…:thinking::thinking:


Is that a problem?


Lol :joy::joy:


I don’t know :joy: did you want him to be in zone 1 or 2?


Oh I know, seen as we can see him when he comes on i can just put ‘stands screen left in zone one’




that shouldn’t cause the error though, that’ll just have the characters be in zone 1 and not be in zone 2, she’d just have to pan it to zone 1 or cut to zone 1


I think it’s because she has them enter to the left and go to the left, lol


Why do you want the character to enter if the zone is 2 just have him stand in zone 1


thx everyone, i managed to fix it!


Yeah, I just didn’t know whether she wanted him in the same zone yet. What does the error say @Dizzydiamond?