Someone please help me decide?

I am currently revamping my story “Take Me Home”. I’m doing it in LL but I was thinking on also doing it in INK. Should I both? Or stick to LL?


It’s actually possible to do it in both styles and let the reader pick

What style they want to read it in

Do you know how to?

It’s a glitch though. So your story won’t work anymore if Episode fixes the glitch.

Hm, alright thanks tho!

Personally, I would stick to LL - but in the end, it’s up to you! :blush:

It’s up to you of course, but I think you can start with LL, since LL is at the moment a very loved style! You can always do an INK revamp after.

Limelight!! It’ll be easier for you and limelight has more choices for character customisation.

I will certainly stick to LL and then after make it into INK! Thanks y’all!

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