Someone please help me figure out hair color situation

Ok I need help. In my story my character has white hair for the first 6 chapters. in chapter 7 I want her to change her hair color permanently to black in the middle of the chapter. Is there a way to do this so that even when I change her hair color permanently to black it will still be white in the scenes and chapters before this

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U have to create a second character, with all the exact same details as the first but u have to change the hair colour of the second character (:

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You can recreate the same character but with black hair
ex: Lisa is the character with white hair
Lisa2 is the character with black hair

Could I have two people with the same name though? Like how would I know the difference between both of them when I code

No, u would have to alter the name slightly (:

I.e = NAME
Second Character = NAME01

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Is there a way to make both of them the same name though?

Ok thank you

You’re welcome (:

When you create a character there is a script name and there is a display name. You can change the display name

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You can just use the code

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color Name

in the script when you want to change it to black. No need to create a 2nd character.


No, no! You just have to do the code @CHARACTER changes hairColor into (Black Hair color)

Creating a second character is unneccessary.

I’m sorry for the late response as you probably already have an answer but you can use the command

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Black Dark

at where ever you wanted to change her hair colour. I believe it should stay until you decide to change it and any other past episodes should still have white.

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