Someone please help me out?

Hi im shariya, i really need help making a cover, possibly some art scenes for my new story could anyone possibly help me out??

I could.

Here are some examples!

Would i have to pay you or something like that

IMG_20180621_191109_834 IMG_20180621_191109_833 IMG_20180615_122753_061 IMG_20180613_231822_419 IMG_20180609_141216_764

Oh no it’s free!

Now digital art sometimes is though.

Would you like the details


I would like the girl to be:
Full round lips with the color azure
Oval head
Black dancer bun
Seductive arch eyebroes
Upturned luxe eyes with the color purple
I would like the nose to be eleven
And i want her to be doing something flirty
And the boy to have
Cropped hair with the color dark chestnut
Toffe skin color
Classic round eyes the color light brown
Defind triangle head
Small round lips color toffe
Thin/narrow eyebrows
And a button nose
I would like him to be holding a gun
And the background to be like fire or something like that.

Oh ok.

Do you know how much time it would take?

Do you know how long it will take??

Like 10 mins?
What’s the outfits?

I want the girl to have on a black pair of tights and a red crop top and the boy to have on black pants amd white and red shirt you can put whatever shoes goes best

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What’s the title and author’s name?

Broken Hearts by: Special Hearrts

Would you make me special scene art your so talented! I have pictures of my characters!

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Thank you i love it so much!!!